Give This Luna Teal Necklace a Name and Win It

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This Luna Teal necklace needs a name. You, smarty pants ShopTalk readers, are responsible for coming up with one. Create the name owner Leslie Chatman likes best, and this piece will be yours!

No, you’re not having déjà vu. We’ve done this contest before. It was a smashing success, so have at it again. It’ll work the same. Brainstorm in the comments section. You can use a nickname, but when you’re asked to leave your email address, list it correctly so we can contact you if you win.

Details: hand-forged 14-karat gold-filled leaf, hand wire-wrapped with lush ultra polished brown spinel gemstones. The leaf hangs delicately from a 14-karat gold-filled chain. Retails for $115. (Names for other pieces include Splash, Jewel Rush, and Sunshine Kisses–named by a ShopTalker–if that helps.)

Ready, go!

Congratulations! We have a winner: Midnight Caviar