Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: An Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer for Chip Eaters and Vampire Lovers

photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin

I’m pretty much a fan of everything San Francisco-based Gama-Go makes. Their gadgets are kitschy but practical, and I dig adding a little fun to mundane tasks. Take using a coaster, for example. Boring. Instead, use a record coaster! Woo hoo! Finding flipping eggs boring? Use a guitar spatula! But those are last week’s under-$50 treats. Allow me to add two more of my fav Gama-Go trinkets: Bow Tie Bag Clips for protecting your most special munchies, $8, and Vampire Suckeys key toppers, $6. If these don’t make perfect stocking stuffers, I quit. Find them at Froggies 5 and 10.

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