Can’t Add Stress Relief to Your Budget? Enter Our Adrift Float Spa Giveaway.

photo courtesy of the wild web

Kristin and I had the pleasure of trying out Preston Center’s Adrift Float Spa in February shortly after it opened. Find details here, but basically the process is you rinse, sit in a high-tech massage chair to relax, float in a private cabin, re-shower, and leave feeling better. Our opinion on the whole gig: we highly recommend it. It can be a little difficult to quiet your brain during the one-hour stay, bobbing atop a mini Dead Sea, but once you do, it’s peace at last. (Prior to floating, the most peace I’d experienced was heading into my closet, turning off the lights, and sitting on the floor, gloating for a few minutes about how no one–dogs included–could find me.) The only thing that could make the Adrift experience better (other than slapping on a little more Vaseline to protect broken skin from stinging salt) is doing it more than once. I’m pleased to say our giveaway is not only one enjoyable dip in the bliss pond, but three. Win this giveaway and you’ve got a 3-float package of peace and quiet to spend at your leisure. And both peace and quiet AND leisure are difficult to come by this time of year, aren’t they?

Enter here to win. Good luck.