Martha Stewart and I, Plus NBC Guy in Dallas

Just me and Martha.

Today I interviewed Martha Stewart, who, you may have heard, was in town signing her books at Williams-Sonoma at NorthPark. Take a look at what the famous homemaker has to say about entertaining, weddings, and loving breakfast. Then go buy her six-pound book.

Due to a shortage of time, my interview was shared with an NBC Guy.

NBC Guy: Okay we’re good and uh, it’s just easier if you look at Bailey.

Martha Stewart: Yeah, okay.

NBC Guy: First, tell me about the book.

MS: Well I need a book. Can I have a book please?

Bailey Powell: I have a book.

MS: So I’m here today to sign books at William Sonoma, and it’s my new book called Martha’s Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations. It’s hefty- six plus pounds (laughs). It’s a book about my own personal style of entertaining and it’s our 75th book at the company, so it’s a big deal.

NBC Guy: What do you think about Dallas in general? I mean there is a lot of entertaining here in Dallas.

MS: Well, I think the people here in Dallas have a history of entertaining, a long history- very gracious, beautiful homes, wonderful facility with their guests, so I enjoy coming here. I love to see what they’re up to.

NBC Guy: That’s literally all I had. Bailey if you have anything…

BP: Okay! I saw your bridal shower feature for your friend Hannah with the Maine-inspired theme. I was wondering if you had any unconventional Dallas ideas for a bridal shower.

MS: Oh! Well I’d have to think about it. I’ve never catered a wedding here but I do come to  some giant weddings. I think Dallas throws big fetes. You know, 600 is small for some people. I remember the last wedding I came to there were so many food stations, foods from everywhere. There were over 800 people or something. Who knows 800 people?

BP: You do!

MS: (laughs) I think in Dallas they do.

BP: If you had one piece of advice for the Dallas bride what would it be?

MS: It’s very difficult to give one piece of advice. Just get organized. It’s all about organization and it’s also about not being a bridezilla.

BP: What is something that you always wish people would ask you?

MS: I mean, I have a program called “Ask Martha”. I don’t presuppose anything specific. You know, what’s my favorite recipe, what I like the best in food, those are the kinds of questions I get mostly.

BP: What’s your favorite recipe in the book?

MS: In this book… I think it’s the dessert that’s the baked plum with vanilla ice cream with a beautiful puff pastry Gustav on top. It’s a nice recipe.

BP: What’s your favorite event? Do you have a favorite one in the book?

MS: I like all the parties but I love breakfasts. I love the burgundy dinner. It was de-licious and the wines were great.

NBC Guy: I guess the last thing I have for you is to finish this sentence: I love doing what I do because _____________.

MS: Oh okay. I love entertaining because it brings together a lot of elements that are good living. It’s cooking, it’s in your table, it’s inviting friends, having great conversation, and that’s what entertaining is all about.