Look What I Found at LAFCO New York Today

The Great Wall of Candles.

Every visit to LAFCO New York is a treat. The shop smells like heaven and the products are divine (almost literally). My inner history nerd can’t get enough of the Santa Maria Novella goodies whipped up originally by  Dominican monks in the 1200s. Soaps, incense paper, and other health and beauty elixirs are still made based on the original recipes using herbs, vegetable-based glycerins, and essential oils. The Great Wall of Candles, as I like to call it, shelves rows and rows of LAFCO jars housing some of the most potent and delicious candles on the market. Larger jars run at $55 (and are worth every penny), but the Little Luxuries mini jars with a matchbox in the lid for $20 are equally delightful. Bars of soap are aged like fine wines and carved by hand. Jump for a roundup of my favorite things in the Highland Park Village boutique.

1. A jar of lozenges, $13, and a the Santa Maria Novella Water, $13, known earlier as “Anti Hysteria Water” were created in 1614 to calm and relax (especially the ladies hyperventilating in restricting corsets).
2. This simple bar of Toscano soap, $35, is a little luxury for him (that you’ll want to steal with it’s slightly sweet, subtly spicy smell.)
3. Kitties and doggies have their own line here. Though I’m hesitant to spend upwards of $20 on beauty products for my own, I love this sweet line for its gentle properties and its mouthwash gel, $22, that zaps bad breath with lemon extract.
4. I’m hopelessly addicted to this hand, $50, and foot cream, $48. The hand cream makes me feel like I’m wrapping them in clouds before bed and the foot cream is pretty much magic, starting out with an almond scent and turning into a tingly menthol cream after applying.
5. This lip balm, $30, contains natural oils (everything from grape seed to rosemary) which keep lips moisturized but able to breathe (unlike petrolatum products).
6. Season-themed incense, $50. Find winter’s “Inverno” in the blue box with a little incense stand included.
7. The Little Luxuries lineup.
8. Candle Row.
9. Make your house smell just. like. Christmas. in a snap with this home spray, $65.


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