Into the Closet: Bring Your Wardrobe Back to Life with Amy Havins

We can't all have Nanette Lepore's closet (as documented by Elle Decor), BUT we can have much, much better.

I used to snub my nose at the idea of a personal stylist, shopper, or wardrobe consultant. Not because I’m the coolest girl around town (I’m not), but because I’m bossy and independent and I like to do everything myself. (Including shopping and selecting outfits.) Then one day I shocked myself. I took a peek in my closet, turned to my dog and said, “I have nothing to wear.” Oh the horror! What a cliche I’d become. A closet full of clothes and “nothing” to wear? How painfully uninspired I sounded. Then I met Dallas Wardrobe stylist Amy Havins and completely changed my tune.

Amy does a combo of things to make stepping into your closet exciting again, and although she’s fully capable of doing some damage with a Black Card, it doesn’t have to include maxing out your Mastercard at department stores around town. She can tackle family styling (like getting your 13-year-old to dress appropriately and stylishly), special occasion dressing (got a gala? no problem), wardrobe makeover (giving old garments a fresh start with new ideas), and closet design and organization (pull out the weeds and make your closet work for you). Jump to learn a little about Amy, why I’m a believer, and get her three biggest pointers fo’ free.

It’s no surprise Amy became a wardrobe consultant. She was already pointing out the flaws in her teachers’ ensembles as a kid. She went on to study fashion and business at Baylor and started with personal shopping before founding her own company, Dallas Wardrobe. Today she’s an affordable closet expert who helps people clean our their closets, fill in the blanks, and build and maintain a wardrobe they love. The process is easy. Meet with Amy. Consultations are complimentary. You’ll discuss your style, how your closet and wardrobe disappoint you, and how much you’re looking to spend. (Pricing is based on each scenario, but she’s an affordable bet in town.) Then you’ll meet to do some clutter control, take a look at your existing wardrobe, see what’s missing, and then, “hit the stores if needed.” Above all, the mission for Amy is to make shopping fun and discover how easy it is to love your closet and all its glorious contents.


Mix up your garments. Physically. Simply moving hangers around on the racks can inspire new looks and uncover hidden pieces you once loved.


Organize your closet. “If your closet doesn’t work for you, you can’t work with it.”


Feel comfortable. If you’re not comfy in an outfit, you’re never going to wear it. Period.

photo of Amy Havins courtesy of Dallas Wardrobe


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