Which of These 3 Necklaces Should Win?

Two weeks ago we started a jewelry design competition. Instructions were simple: design a necklace, keep it under $100, turn it in to us. (We heard your complaints that the site was a bit slow, and for that we apologize.) A non-biased team selected three necklaces from the entries. (We LOVE what you guys turned in.) Here they are for your voting pleasure. Vote for your favorite necklace once a day every day this week. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 24. Good luck!

VOTE on the necklaces below.


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  • kat

    They are all beautiful but I’d have to go with number one. I like that it has a dainty, very feminine chain but makes a bold statement with the green jewel. I also love necklaces that fall right at the neck line.

  • Mess

    I adore Number One. So feminine!

  • #1 is AWESOME!!! So beautiful, simple, and LOVE the colors!

  • Sarah

    WOW #2! What a great pairing of elegance and femininity! I’m loving the pink teardrop gems interspersed with the smaller champagne colored ones. The settings and the jewel pairing makes this a timeless piece and gives the wearer a beautiful neckline~~

  • Lori

    I like #3

  • Macklyn

    Number 1 is beautiful…very classy and I love the color!

  • Gerard

    I really like #2; I see it as a combination of contemporary art and innovation, a very nice piece of work.