What’s in Event Planner Hamilton Sneed’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley; design by Charlotte Tobin

If you wind up at a party with Hamilton Sneed, HAS Events event planner, you’ll notice him. He’s always impeccably dressed with his signature accessory: the bow tie. We had to know what this stylish dude carried in his bag, so we invited him in to spill it. Take a look.

Jack Spade messenger bag

1. Mobile Teapot from Village Tea Company. “I lived in London for two years, so tea is part of my life.”
2. Eyeglasses. “My dad use to wear those and he gave them to me. I just changed the lenses.”
3. Mac. “It’s my life.”
4. Jack Black lip balm
5. Dunhill of London and Monblanc pens
6. Bow tie from Stanley Korshak
7. Altoids
8. Sen7 travel fragrance atomizer. (It’s currently filled with Hermès.)
9. Nanodots. “They’re good things to keep me occupied.”
10. Glam Rock Watches band and face cover. “I can change my look from day to night. It’s great when I don’t have time to go home.”
11. Munitio 9 millimeter titanium earphones. “Oh my god, they’re amazing.”
12. Russell Simmons’ Do You! book. “I read this book once a year.”
13. Receipts for Marquee Grill, where he eats 2-3 times a week at Table 131


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