Lights, Camera, Fashion!

It was a magical evening in Dallas for the 3rd annual Fashion’s Night Out! Hundreds of fabulous people crowded Highland Park Village for a spectacular night of music, shopping, cocktails, and of course, Jan Strimple’s flawless runway showcase.


Also, we can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing turnout for our FNO D StyleSheet soirée at Jimmy Choo! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the party pictures here and here. We can hardly wait until next year!


  • G

    Hey! That guy with the fedora, pic #10, I know him, he is everywhere. Always classy with a nice hat and fresh flower on his lapel.

  • Karen

    Oh, wow! Wish I was there!

  • Catherine

    This is so great! Dallas looks AMAZING! Just gorgeous images!

  • Mike

    Gorgeous photographs! They perfectly capture what this night was like for all of us in attendance. SUCH FUN! Particularly love the men in the first and last pics. RAWR!!

  • So so pretty!
    Do Dallas Cheap