Do You Know the Ritz-Carlton’s “Pedicure Prince”?

The Pedi Prince at work. (photography by Kristy Alpert)

He’s 200 pounds, an ex Army officer, and loves to give pedicures. Did you know this former soldier was practicing some of the best pedis in town at the Ritz-Carlton Spa? Me neither. But reporter Kristy Alpert’s got the scoop:

Bryant Arthur is not your average pedicurist. Aside from his striking, bouncer-like stature (5’10” and 220 lbs.), the only time you’ll see him light up with excitement is when he’s talking about his wife and giving pedicures. His passion for feet earned him the nickname “Pedicure Prince,” and what he can do to your toes in less than one hour is other-worldly.

Bryant Arthur (photography by Kristy Alpert)

Bryant, a former Special Operations soldier with the Army, was working as an officer in the South Carolina Department of Corrections (a maximum-security prison) when he received his callous-removing calling, claiming God inspired him to start working with feet.

Not one to question God’s mission for him, Bryant quickly enrolled in nail school, despite his aversion to feet. “At first I thought feet were disgusting,” he confesses. Now, he says, he has now grown to love feet and makes it his mission to consistently perform the perfect pedicure. He has since studied reflexology and human touch to make sure his pedicures do more than just prepare feet for open-toed shoe season.

Although this gentle giant may look out of place in the Ritz salon, once he sits down at the feet of his clients, it’s obvious he’s right at home. “I love doing pedicures,” he says passionately, and it’s evident with every calculated touch.

I sat down with him to get a taste of what he could do with a Deluxe Almond Blossom Pedicure ($85), and although I’ve had some pretty great pedicures in my past, Bryant’s pedicure left me nothing short of stunned and speechless.

This Prince is as charming and delightful as he is gifted and professional with his pedicures. Do yourself a favor and indulge in a treatment from the Pedicure Prince. Book now. –Kristy Alpert


  • Dawn Roland

    Bryant is a very gifted and talented professional. One can really tell he enjoys his job by the way he treats his clients. He really cares about them, and the quality of his work. You never feel like a number. I really appreciate the gentle and caring way he performs the pedicure. At the end of the service, you can’t help but to smile, feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time! The Ritz-Carlton Dallas Hotel is truly blessed to have such a wonderful man on their team.

    PS: Not only is Bryant spectacular with pedicures, did you know his other incredible talent? Singing! He has a rich, warm tone that definitely comes from his heart. I wish he would record some songs onto a CD!

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  • Sharon Jones

    Does Oprah knows about this guy? If not, she should. He is changing the pedicure world with his pedicure.

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