D Staffers are Shopping Gypsy Wagon’s Rummage Sale

Get excited to start reading Bailey Powell’s blogs here on ShopTalk. She’s the next big thing here at D Magazine. (Our new shopping intern obviously.) I’ll let her tell you about The Gypsy Wagon’s Rummage Sale:

Summer in Texas is in full swing and, unfortunately, our weather doesn’t seem to fall into compliance with the season cycles of fashion. By the time fall lines hit stores we still have several weeks left of heat, leaving us with a feeling of a stale wardrobe and a bit of fall fashion envy. The Gypsy Wagon’s 3rd Annual Rummage Sale presents a solution: starting today, the store’s deeply discounted “hoarded merchandise” will be open to customer exploration. With markdowns between 50-90% and several racks of clothing priced at a mere $25, you can rejuvenate your summer wardrobe without completely emptying the piggy bank you’ve been dropping coins into since F/W 11 fashion week went live on Style.com. Wheel on over to The Gypsy Wagon’s three day, indoor, “mother of all sales” this weekend and give your summer wardrobe a fresh, boho-chic twist.


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