What’s in Paws in the City President Tara Harper’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin
"It's indestructible," Tara says.

We wanted to know, so we asked the animal rescue charity Paws in the City president, vice president of family business SPI, Inc., and cast member of Dallas-based reality show, Most Eligible Dallas, to come over and spill her purse for us. What we discovered was doggie rescue gear for picking up pups from Dallas Animal Services (or anywhere else she spots an abandoned pooch in need), beauty products, and a whole lot of pink. Take a look at the soon-to-be reality star’s stash.

1. Tom Ford sunglasses
2. Lip stuff: Too Faced “Lip Insurance” primer, Chanel gloss in “Iris” and “Seashell.” “I can never remember which one is my favorite.”
3. iPad case she made for herself and now sells. “I thought it was way too girly for anyone normal!”
4. L’Occitane Verbena body lotion. “Because I’m constantly washing my hands after dealing with dogs.”
5. Emergen-C. (No surprise she selected the pink flavor, huh?)
6. Leash for spur-of-the-moment dog rescues
7. Camera. “I”m obsessed with pink. Right now, I’m in the hot pink phase.”
8. Lint roller. “I’m always covered in dog hair.”
9. Rose-scented rosary from the Vatican she received as a gift
10. Earrings
11. Mp3 player her company manufactures
12. Good luck bracelet and note from best friend Greg Asher
13. Monogrammed pen from parents post college graduation
14. Brush. “I always need a hairbrush.”

Interested in how she’s feeling about the world preparing to see her personal life lived on camera for Most Eligible Dallas? So were we, so we asked.

“I’m nervous, but excited. It’s different. I mean, your most personal moments are lived on camera.” (Like first kisses, awkward date moments, and more.) Stay tuned for the show, which premiers on Monday, August 15.

Peek into more purses here.


  • Cutest stuff ever!! Love the bling iPad case – that even comes in pink! Great she has a big bag to keep her favorite things!! Love her

  • Brandi

    Paws in the city is such a great charity and i am so happy to see that it is getting recognized. Also love the Bling ipad case!!!

  • Jamie

    Paws in the City is such a fantastic charity! Have been following them for years! So many lucky cats and dogs!!!

  • Tara- Gigi needs your IPad case for her birthday, is july 22!

  • Tara is beautiful inside and out and one of the most intelligent, nicest, and savviest women I know. In a city that celebrates facade, she is so much more. Get to know her and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Tara is a wonderful person. She’s driven, passionate, intelligent, and exceptionally beautiful. Tara inspires everyone. 🙂

  • Tara, I thought I taught you better! Only GAY men can go through a girls purse! You still owe me! Xoxo Gregg

  • Love me some Tara Harper and I can’t wait to watch her look for true love on Most Eligible Dallas!!!

  • Jane

    Loving that iPad case….. So nice to see other Dallas beauties are giving back!!!!
    Hope D keeps these cute blogs going…so loving these!!! Shoe Porn was my favorite!!!

  • Jane

    Is there a reason anyone casually travels with a passport? It’s a lot easier to replace a driver’s license…

  • Raya Ramsey

    Since dumping purses became part of my job, I’ve seen two. One in Krystal Schlegel’s bag, as she goes back and forth between Canada and the States all summer. And Tara’s. Tara’s was in her purse to be renewed. Those make sense. Otherwise, not so much…

  • Sarah S.

    I love the sparkle “Paws in the City” t-shirt. Super cute & girly way to support an amazing charity.

  • The I-Pad case is adorable!

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  • Sarah C.

    Wow – it’s a pity she doesn’t put as much stock into her charity as she does into her purse. They are unprofessional, disorganized, and their volunteer fosters do not take the time to learn the personalities of the animals they adopt out, resulting in potentially dangerous animals being released into the community.

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