Get Chanel’s Fall 2011 Couture Look with Dallas’ Cassie MacGregor

I think it was my obsession with Sofia Coppola’s dazzling Marie Antoinette film that led me to love lace eye veils (far left), but I was thrilled to see Chanel employ them in the fall 2011 couture show. (Far right.) I’m not suggesting you wear this to the grocery store or anything–hello, Hamburglar–but wouldn’t it be delicious to play a mysterious lady at a party at some point? (Okay, costume party or whatever?) I happen to know Dallas’ own Cassie MacGregor makes these delightful confections. That’s me there in the middle wearing one–don’t judge how cool they are by the not-so-mysterious or sassy  look on my face. Contact Cassie about getting your own.


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