What’s in Local Dallas Designer Nha Khanh’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley
Nha Khanh (photo courtesy of Nha Khanh)

We wanted to know, so we brought local designer Nha Khanh in and asked her to spill her bag for us.

1. Card case for her and partner Nini Nguyen’s business cards
2. iPhone, which she uses for lots of Facebooking
3. Day planner for to-do lists and sketching designs
4. Hand sanitizer
5. Tape to take clients’ measurements
6. Keys
7. Tissues
8. Gum
9. (cluster from left to right) MAC lipstick in “Rebel” for night, pen for sketching, MAC eyeliner brush and paint pot in Blacktrack (“It’s my favorite.”), Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate, Rimmel eyebrow pencil and brush for on-the-go grooming, Shu Uemura lipstick in BG 950S “for daytime”
10. Oliver People’s sunglasses
11. Camera for for inspiration. “I take pictures of everything I see,” she says.
12. Wallet with good luck trinkets (like a Chinese coin)–“You can never have too much luck,” she says.–and earrings to turn her change her look from day to night anywhere, anytime.


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