Is There a Trick to Creating a Cat Eye? Le Metier Makeup Artist Ivan Castro Says Yes.

One of my very favorite beauty lines in the world has some Texas blood running through its veins: Le Métier de Beauté, whose president, Joanna Austin, is from Houston. Last week, Kristin and I met with her, CEO Richard Blanch, and head beauty artist for the line, Ivan Castro, to take a peek at the newest products at the counter. Unlike other cosmetic companies, rather than an emphasis on pumping out dozens of eye shadow quads in trendy palettes, Le Métier focuses on quality control. Ivan is actually hands on with the products before they’re even made, which means experts who really play with the stuff every day are putting in their two cents to make sure each and every piece, from the Kaleidoscope Eye Kit to the Precision liquid eyeliner, is constructed with real use, beautiful color, and lasting power in mind.

orange = eyeliner

That brings me to this week’s “Ask Raya” question. A reader wrote in, asking, “How do you get the perfect shaped cat eye? Is there a trick to getting the liner in the right place every time?”

To that we answer, yes, and Ivan Castro gave us the key at our last week’s meeting:

To figure out where to put the winged tip, follow the shape of your lower lash line. (Notice in our illustration how the orange line is basically an extension of the natural curve of the lower lash line.) If you use this technique, not only should you be able to create the same shape on both eyes, but you should also be able to repeat this every time you’re in the mood for this sultry look. I like that this trick adds a dash of flirt, making the liner look like a lash extension. Go home and give it a shot. If you’re looking for a great liner, try Le Métier’s seriously smudge-proof formula.


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