The DIFFA Event is Over For Now, But the Photos Live On

Geoffrey Henning DIFFA jacket

I learned at the annual DIFFA Dallas AIDS charity event on Saturday that Dallas has an alarmingly high number of HIV/AIDS infections. The turnout of the affair was beautiful, however, and I can’t imagine we’ll own those high numbers for long with passion of the designers, philanthropists, and artists who were there and are committed to making a difference. Jump for photos of the jackets designs that were auctioned off at the event.

designs by Nha Khanh and John Bourgeois

Design by Carlos Nichols. Pardon the terrible photography, but don’t you love how the back glows in black light?

Designs by Kay Unger New York, Beekman 1802 and The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and Richard Solodky

Designs by Richie Sambora and Nicolas Villalba

Artwork was up for auction, too.

Design on left by Charlotte Ronson

Design on left by Cynthia Goodman & Liz Minyard. I just can’t help but post this glittery confection, right. *Update: The gorgeous glitter number was created by local up-and-coming designer Richard Solodky and modeled by friend Veronica Torres. (Can I borrow that sometime, V?)

Artists created new work during the after-dinner performance. TV crews filmed the Dallas entourage of upcoming reality show, Most Eligible: Dallas.

White Swan by Geoffrey Henning (left)