Sad News for Jewelry Lovers: The Shining is Closing

photography courtesy of The Shining

My favorite funky jewelry boutique on Henderson is closing its doors. The last day of business for The Shining is next Saturday, May 7. According to the owner, Victoria Tollemache, the traffic just wasn’t enough to sustain our beloved shop. As usual, we find the silver lining in the deeply discounted leftover merchandise. Head in now to find the goods on serious sale.


  • OH SAD. This is a huge loss to our neighborhood and Dallas in general. Thank you to Victoria for bringing your beautiful wares to us for a short while.

  • C

    This stinks! I choose to believe it was the location and lack of traffic to the store, and not the merchandise. I loved her jewelry!!

  • DLP

    Sad… Support your local businesses

  • Tina

    Totally disappointing!!! It was the best shop to buy that unique piece, guess it’s back to scouring online for jewelry.

  • Donna

    Whoa! Didn’t even last a year. Sad. Marketing fail?

  • Carli Scroggins

    Does anyone know if she is still making jewelry and maybe selling it online or something? I’d love to have her contact info to find out.

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