Give These Luna Teal Earrings a Name and Win Them

photography by Florence Wairagu
Click to enlarge. photography by Florence Wairagu

Okay, folks. Let’s all put on our thinking caps. Leslie Chatman, owner and designer of Luna Teal jewelry, needs help naming her newest creations, and she’s asked for the help of brilliant ShopTalk readers. Help her name the pair of earrings (right), and you’ll win the set of earrings and matching necklace (above), which will have a name similar to the earrings. Details of the gems: sapphire, lemon quartz, and butterscotch pearl with 14k gold fill and vermeil. According to Leslie, “The name should be fun and whimsical.” Past names include Quiet Storm, City Girl Pearls, Pineapple Squared, In the Raw, Pet Rock, and Smolder. Cutesy, sweet, and simple, right? We’ll give you guys a full week to think of some things. Get to brain storming in the comments section! GO!

(If you’re one of those my-ideas-might-be-stupid types, feel free to use a nickname or whatever. Just leave your correct email address, and I’ll be able to contact the winner. Have fun!)

Ps. If you see a Shmaya Shmamsey in the comments section, that’s, um, not me.

*Update: The contest has ended. We’ll announce the winner soon!


  • Shakespeare ideas:

    Bated breath (The Merchant of Venice)

    Ladybird (Romeo and Juliet)

    honey-tongued (Love’s Labour’s Lost)

    Primrose path (Hamlet)

    Heart of hearts (Hamlet)

    A Star for a Petal (From the sapphire “star” to the flower shaped petal)

    Sweet Nothings

    Summer Nights

    Summer love

    Spring Showers

    Sugar and Spice

    Tale of Two Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Joy and a Flower

    A petal for your thoughts

    Beauty for Ashes

    A Soft Answer

    Pearl of Petals

    The Petal and the Pearl

    A Pearl for a Petal

    Pearly Petals

    Heart’s Desire

    Tender Mercys

    A Petal’s Glory

    FLower of Blue

    Flower of Nod

    Crowning Glory

    Just a Friend

    Everyday Bouquet

    Just Because

    Blue in Bloom

    Late Bloomer

    Blue Blossom

    Blossom Beauty

    Blossom Blues

    ButterScotch Blossom

    Butter ‘n Blue

    Butter Blue Blossom

    Butter Blue Bloom

    Dreaming of Blue (Like Dreaming of You)

    Blue to Form (like true to form)

    Blue Bliss

    Butterscotch Bliss

    Blissfully Blue

    Blossoming Bliss

    Bubbly Bliss

    Bubbly Blue

    Bubbly ‘n Blue

    Peony for your thoughts

    Blossoms and Buttercreame

    Skip to my Blue (LIke Skip to my Lou)

    Sun Salutation

    Butterfly haven

    Butterfly Butter

    Belle of the Ball

    Belle of the Blue

    Belle of Butter

    Blissful Belle

    Blue is Bliss

    Butterscotch is Bliss


    Brunch Butter

    Tea Time

    Berry’s and Gold

    Berries and Butter

    Berry Blue

    Berry Soft

    Berry Bliss

    Petal ‘n Berry

    Berry Femme

    Berries and Blooms

    Berry Blissful Bloom

    Blossom and Berry

    Jill of all Trades

    Already Blue-ming

    Blueberry and Creme

    BLue with Envy

    ButterCream Puff

    Sea and Land


  • Beautiful! I’d name them Lemon Drops. 🙂

  • yvonne crum

    Rock Candy is what I’d name them.. that’s what they remind me of.. like you used to get on a stick…loved it and love the earrings.

  • shelley

    Sundae Afternoons

  • mary kellogg

    Sunshine Baby Kisses

  • Melinda

    Hopscotch Rocks

  • Debbie

    Floral Beginnings

  • Debbie

    Endless Spring

  • JB

    Butterscotch Blossoms.

  • David

    Summer Fruit

  • Cathy

    MayFlowers (May flowers)
    Spring has Sprung

  • I was planning to just put one, but if Morgan’s gonna go ahead and factory them off… 🙂

    Lantern Ladies
    Jeweled Dreams
    Morning Glories
    Butterscotch Beauty
    Pearly Golds
    La Fete Limon
    Good Morning, Buttercup
    La Belle Coeur
    Bumble Bee
    Sun Drops

  • Jennifer bedford

    Cleopatras baubles

  • SS


  • Cindi

    “Earrings ~ Awakening…
    “Necklace” ~ Charmed Simplicity…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • Debbie

    Can’t stop thinking about this. How about

    Summer Shine

  • Carolyne

    The Charlotte

  • Giant Sis

    Buttercups in Bloom

  • SweetGApeach

    Spring Fling

  • Christie

    Lemon Drop

  • sd2010

    All That Glitters is Gold!

  • Robin


  • Christina

    Gilded Flora
    Gilded Gems
    Gilded Dreams
    Gilded Splendor
    Gilded Nectar
    Fluent with Nature
    Facets of Nature
    Floral Facets
    Facets of Flora
    Natural Wonder
    Natural Splendor

  • christine r.

    lemon butter blue floral fun!

  • Raya Ramsey

    My readers are GENIUS. Stay tuned for the winner announcement.

  • Thanks you so much everyone for the suggestions, I wish I could used them all for these pieces but I can only choose one.

    Don’t be surprised to see any of these names used at a later date for pieces in my line.

    You all are the best!

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