Sad Doggie News: Foxy Paws is Closing

This darling boutique in the Shops at Willow Bend will be closed March 25. According to owner Michelle Lamont, 278 dogs were adopted with the help of her business since its opening. I know for sure the store made a lot of people smile. Foxy Paws will be greatly missed, but until then, go enjoy the store a little more. Everything in it is being sold for 50 percent off right now. You’ll find collars in every color, costumes for every occasion, shampoo, perfume, sustainable toys, sweet treats, and more.


  • Carolyne

    I heard the furniture store, Robb & Stucky closed too!

  • Taylor

    Robb & Stucky is not in Willow Bend…it is at Legacy and the Tollway. But yes, it is closing.

  • Lisa and Marley

    Marley and I are sooooooooo sad about Foxy Paws closing. I would take Marley as a special treat and she would get sooooooo excited as soon as we pulled into the Willow Bend parking lot. We are truly sad for the closing!!!

  • Kat Hooks

    We are going to miss Foxy Paws. We have had our “family” pictures taken there with all our babies. Michelle has done a great service in helping find pups homes who would have not had homes without her shop. Foxy Paws will be missed. Thank You Michelle for everything!!!!