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Holy Moly: Bella Rose Vintage Jewelry

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Tami Morris, designer of new vintage Bella Rose jewelry, stopped by the D offices yesterday to debut her new bridal-inspired collection. If you’re not getting married, don’t worry. There are plenty of everyday pieces to enjoy. Tami uses vintage holy medals from Europe to adorn her vintage necklaces, bracelets, etc. (Backstory: mom used to collect religion medals from Europe before she passed. When Tami found the stash, she decided to put them to fashionable use.) The metals can be anywhere from 50 to 150 years old, and are attached to beaded strands of jewelry that are also vintage. (See the chunky, long gold chain necklace above? It’s vintage Chanel with Chanel pearls.) Remember these pieces in the photo are fancy shmancy, and more casual pieces exist (see right), but don’t you love the funky old medals on the graceful jewelry? Prepare to spend $80 to $300 on these darlings. Find her stuff at Swag.

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