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Change Up Your Hair Color and Receive a Free Cut

Colors can be dainty!

As you say buh-bye to those winter blues, kick off the spring season with a change of hair color. This month, Michelle Patrick Salons is offering a sweet deal (literally) that’s perfect for anyone wanting to change up their tresses. This promotion gives you the option of changing your hair color to practically anything, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. The “Red Hot” deal is a great way to see if red is the shade for you, while the “Godiva Package” will liven your locks to brunette. If you’re feeling like a golden girl, there’s the “Buttered Popcorn” package, and if you want to be really daring there’s a “Skittles” option, allowing you to choose shades ranging from blue and pink to orange and green. The “Cookies and Cream” package is a classy combo of high and low lights. Prices vary depending on your color choice, but by booking an appointment with a “rising star” (read: young) stylist at the salon you can save significantly, or you can book with a member of the creative arts team, or the salon’s Creative Art Director, for a higher price. Regardless of who does your color, you’ll receive a free haircut just by taking advantage of this promotion. Not too shaggy, er, shabby. Click here to get contact information to book your appointment. -Maggie Ashworth