What’s the Big Darn Deal About Drybar in Dallas?

My curly locks, post-blowout.

I think it has to do with the details. You won’t just get a beautiful blowout at Drybar, you’ll enjoy a cocktail on the house, a chic, white space that feels so L.A., snack options, a look-book of hairstyles, and hair-ties to go. See photos from my pre-V-Day dinner appointment after the jump.

No big sign yet, so look for pops of yellow in the window.
Drybar Dallas
A row of chairs faces a bar stocked with hair products.
I love the straight-forward tipping advice and the fishbowl of matchboxes filled with a couple of hair bands.
Your options are obvious with a menu of services and prices and the look-book to explain each 'do.
If a cocktail isn't enough, nuts, dried fruit, etc. should do the trick.


  • Christine

    How much is a blow dry?

  • A

    I was wondering how much, too. Also how long can you go on average before needing a shampoo?

  • Sarah


  • Margaret

    I went on Sunday and loved it. With some dry shampoo— it still looks good today. You just need to wrap it up or wear a shower cap when you bathe, but I bet most people could get two or three days out of it. In NYC some busy ladies go close to a week on a great shampoo blow dry.

    I am going back on Friday and I bet I will end up getting the membership which includes 2 a month. I have long hair and this to me is more of treat and a way to spend on my beauty budget instead of 20/ week manicure. (which I am sure I will not cut back on either— ha ha.)

    Plus you get a complimentary cocktail! I had champers.

  • I went on Saturday night. Had been wanting to check it out since I have a friend in LA who goes often, but I don’t live in Dallas so it’s not exactly convenient. I did happen to be in town on Saturday and was able to get an appt on pretty short notice.

    It’s a fun place and I did like my blowout; it lasted till Tuesday night when I did a long run and got sweaty. I like the drinks they give you as well (side note; since they welcome children, not sure Sex and the City was the best choice of movies to play, but whatever).

    I doubt I will go back except every now and then since $55 ($35 haircut, $10 scalp massage, $10 tip) is more than I want to spend on my hair on a regular basis. Plus, I live 30 miles away. But the product and service are good.