What Happens at Foxy Paws Parties? Take a Look.

I swore I'd never been one of "those" people that dressed up my dog, but Hank HAD to be festive for the V-Day party, right?

I stopped by the Foxy Paws Valentine’s Day party in honor of the Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas, and I can’t help but share these photos with you. I’ve never seen so many dogs dressed up in my life. It was hilarious and adorable. If you’re wishing you had attending the Plano canine extravaganza, don’t be sad. Foxy Paws owner Michelle hosts dozens of these event year-round. Jump for pictures that will surely make you smile (or smirk).

Doggies fully dressed and accessorized
The festive decorations drew quite a crowd.
Cupcakes and s'mores (and plenty of booze) were available for humans.
A tutu-ed fluffball and a very ladylike Chihuahua that I HAD to hold.
Twins poodles in pink.
Hank tries on a pair of shoes for size.
A couple of pugs strut their stuff in red.

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