Bring Your Floaties: Adrift Float Spa is Now Open for Business in Dallas

The serene waiting room.

We told you this place would soon be ready for floaters, and the day has finally come. This new concept spa boasts float tanks for bobbing atop tubs full of salt water. Here’s how it works:

1. Check in, robe up, head to the relaxation room.
2. Hop in an anti-gravity massage chair and chillax with a full-body machine rub down.
3. Head to your assigned room, where your “cabin” awaits you.
4. Shower off with delicious bath products and head into the tank.
5. Enjoy an hour of some peace and quiet (yes, it really exists) while floating on salt water Dead Sea style with color therapy lights and mood music. (Be patient. Skin may start off a little itchy, and getting to the zen place can take a few minutes.)
6. Exit the tank. Shower off, and head back to the locker room to re-dress. Enjoy your high.

Kristin and I were lucky enough to test this place out on Friday, and we were both pleased. Pictures after the jump.

The beautiful custom-made sign.
The tank.
The locker provides most beauty needs post-float. (Brushes, moisturizer, Q-tips, etc.)

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