How Do You Shed a Couple Pounds this New Year? Eat Some Fiber.

It’s the beginning of 2011, and like every other female in this country, my New Year’s resolution is to shed some pounds. I can’t afford a nutritionist or an expensive gym membership, but I do have access to my apartment’s gym room. What now? How do I start? –Ash

Tanya Zuckerbrot, celebrity nutritionist (Lo Bosworth, Rachel Ray, and Miss Universe competitors are on her client list) and author of The F-Factor Diet, answers this question.

New Year’s resolutions to lose weight typically result in cutting out food favorites like carbohydrates and fats, and in doing so creating a diet plan that is unrealistic to maintain throughout the year.  The key to successful dieting is to make small changes that will transform your life but not your lifestyle.  Fiber is the secret to easy and successful weight loss. The addition of fiber-rich foods to your diet decreases feelings of hunger, so you tend to eat less throughout the day.  You can easily add more fiber to your diet by having high fiber cereal for breakfast, or as a snack mixed with yogurt in the afternoon.  F-Factor High Fiber Skinny’s are the highest fiber cereal on the market, with 18g of fiber in a serving (that’s 72% of your daily needs in just 1/2 cup!).

Working out is important, as it has many health benefits.  However, diet trumps exercise when it comes to weight management.   Exercise accounts for 10% of weight management, while diet is responsible for 90%.  You will get the most out of your workout if you pair it with a healthy eating plan.  If you are seeking dietetic advice, but can’t afford a dietitian, there are many books on the subject.  The F-Factor Diet is available in paperback, and teaches the science between eating healthfully and the benefits of a diet made up of whole foods.


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