Ask Raya: Being Brunette AND Blonde

“My hairdresser always tells me that I can’t go dark if I plan on going back blonde again because she will have to place bleach on top of old bleached hair, causing it to break off. It makes sense, but everyone else seems to do it! What’s the deal?” –Kirby

Cerón, celebrity hair stylist of Cerón Salon at the downtown Neiman Marcus location responds:

Your hairdresser is correct. If you want to be a brunette, go for it but plan to live in it more than just a few months. You can’t go from 0 to 60 with your hair. So if you go dark and then want to go lighter you won’t achieve platinum on your first try. Using low lights is a great way to introduce depth and darker shades in your hair but it allows you to go lighter faster and sooner on your next visit. If you want to be Angelina Jolie on Monday and Jennifer Aniston by Friday, try a wig!

I just spent a Sunday afternoon at the salon with Cerón, being transformed from almost-black brunette to nearly red head. Stay tuned for a review!


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