Now Available: Glitter Nail Caps for Your Cat

Real cats wearing Soft Paws gel nails.

Are you gelin’? And by that I mean putting gels on your kitten’s toenails. Sounds weird, but it’s great. Soft Paws, a company who makes little gel nail caps for cats, created a more humane alternative to declawing. Pick a color from the website, and a packet of nail pieces and glue come in the mail for application. Once they’re on, they’re hysterical. I love watching my cat run around in his Halloween set of purple, black, and orange gel claws. They don’t seem to bother him and they definitely don’t stop him from jumping, playing, running, etc. They do stop him from ripping up furniture. Once they’re on, they stay on for a few weeks. And now… the caps come in… drum roll… GLITTER! So festive! (See right.) Order them online for $19.


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