Now Available: Glitter Nail Caps for Your Cat

Real cats wearing Soft Paws gel nails.

Are you gelin’? And by that I mean putting gels on your kitten’s toenails. Sounds weird, but it’s great. Soft Paws, a company who makes little gel nail caps for cats, created a more humane alternative to declawing. Pick a color from the website, and a packet of nail pieces and glue come in the mail for application. Once they’re on, they’re hysterical. I love watching my cat run around in his Halloween set of purple, black, and orange gel claws. They don’t seem to bother him and they definitely don’t stop him from jumping, playing, running, etc. They do stop him from ripping up furniture. Once they’re on, they stay on for a few weeks. And now… the caps come in… drum roll… GLITTER! So festive! (See right.) Order them online for $19.


  • peggy

    I want to get a cat just so I can get these!

  • What a purrrfect and humane way to take care of your cat. I love them!

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  • Annie

    My 2 Westies, Wu and Weezer are concerned: would gel caps make enemy cats even more stealthy? Nothing worse that a ninja cat!

  • Raya Ramsey

    @Annie Tell Wu and Weezer (adorable names) not to worry! Gel caps prevent them from poking holes in furniture AND other animals. My dog is always thankful the gel caps are on.

  • Claud

    Yes they are more humane than declawing is, lets face it anything is more humane than that, but seriously folks why did you get cats if you don’t want them how they are made? And Peggy, there is more to having a cat than glitter claw covers e.g vet bills for innoculations, neutering,medical care for maybe up to 20 years. Food, litter, toys, bedding. Cats aren’t a fashion accessory.

  • Katt

    So they’re hysterical are they ? Why don’t you try doing what you want to do wearing mittens ? Cats need to dig in their claws to exercise their muscles, buy a scratching post and your precious furniture will be untouched. Don’t like claws don’t get a cat !
    Don’t cover their self defence against pesky kids and dogs.
    Let them be CATS !!!!!

  • Louise

    Proves the cliche “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Claud: duh! lighten up! Any sane person understands that cats aren’t a fashion accesssory…although in the Orient black cats are in fact skinned and their fur used to line silk brocade jackets. Cats are considered “lucky” in Asian culture…guess not so much for the ones who end up in Japanese couture.

  • peggy

    Claud, yeah, you’re right – cats are not a fashion accessory, they’re more like appetizers

  • Raya Ramsey

    @Claud My cat wasn’t an expensive purchase from a breeder. He was an abandoned little guy on the side of a highway. Our relationship is mutually beneficial. He has a home and a loving mommy. I have a snuggly fur ball to love on.

    @Katt My vet actually told me that these gel caps are perfectly safe for him and don’t get in the way of his playing. He doesn’t have to defend himself against anything, as he is an indoor cat. He has a scratching post, which he still uses WITH his gel caps on.

    Ps. I love mittens.

  • Louise

    Raya–I love mittons too, especially the ones from Japan.

  • Cookie

    Peggy–would like your recipe for cat appetizers…never thought of cats as a protein source.

  • Matt

    Anyone Want a Cat Taco?