Check Out These Stink Bombs

Stink Bombs on bottom row. (photography by Sergio Garza)

Found at Grange Hall, these little guys are actually called Stink Bombs. But instead of stinking bad, they stink good. They’re made by one of the oldest candle companies in existence (Marie Antoinette was a customer) and match the already existing fragrances of candles. Think floral Trianon, spicy Nazareth, and woody La Grande Bougie. Candles can run to nearly $400, so consider the Stink Bombs an amazing, luxurious little find at $45. Take one of the little glass bottles, throw it on the floor, and the oils inside smell up the joint. (Do it outside or near a fireplace to avoid glass shards on carpet.)


  • Kink

    Cool! But the bad stink bombs are so much more fun.

  • What a cute little gadget, I have to go pick me up one now!

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