New Early Hours at Cerón Salon Downtown


Once upon a time, wasn’t the salon fun? It was a little “me” time, a relaxing hiatus. Finding time to make it into the salon is hard work these days. It’s become just another thing on the to-do list. Cerón, founder of downtown Neiman Marcus’ Cerón Salon, understands this, and has launched a new program, “Blonde for Business”, for early birds. Hit up the salon at 7 am, and get a cut and color in a little over an hour. This is just in time for the holidays, when we no longer have time to take care ourselves because we’re too busy shopping off our own nice/naughty lists and (if you’re good) making philanthropic efforts. Tell them you want the “Blonde for Business” service when you book your appointment, and you’ll get 10 percent off your total. (That amounts to about $175 for the whole shebang with one of the chop shop’s stylists.) Don’t worry, brunettes. You’re allowed, too.


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