How Much is That Doggy Costume in The Window?

"Taco Taco" costume at Foxy Paws

When it’s time to trick-or-treat, make sure your Fido is in disguise! With all the cute Halloween costumes for pooches in stores this year, I may just have to get two for my Westie! Foxy Paws, Lucky Dog Barkery,  Tails of the City, Woof and Green Pet have outfits to make sure your pup’s style is witchin’. I found calypso queens, clowns, tacos, and bugs at Foxy Paws (about $25), punk zebras (complete with mohawks) and jesters at Lucky Dog Barkery ($24-$38), queen of hearts ensembles, monkeys, and angel wings at Tails of The City, Halloween ties and pirate costumes at Woof ($18 to $23), jerseys at Avenue Barket, and terrifying cute sheep and vampires costumes at Green Pet ($20ish). Jump for the photo roundup. –Katherine Paullus

Remember: prices may vary depending on size.
photography: Avenue Barket and Target by Katherine Paullus; others courtesy of retailers
(from left) Calypso Queen ($49.99/Foxy Paws), Taco Taco ($29.99/Foxy Paws), and Treat Witch ($34.99/Foxy Paws)
(from left) Zebra ($32/Lucky Dog Barkery) and Jester ($36.75/Lucky Dog Barkery)
(from left) Halloween tie ($22.99/WOOF), Sweet Pea ($23-$31/Green Pet), and Sheep ($20.95/Green Pet)

(from left) SMU jersey ($26.60/Avenue Barket), Cowboys jersey ($20.74/Avenue Barket), Banana Split ($9.99/Target)
(clockwise from top left) Sweet Pea ($24/Tails of the City), Queen of Hearts ($18-$42/Tails of the City), Party Ruffle ($12-$22/Tails of the City), Pumpkin Head ($18-$42/Tails of the City), Lady Bug ($20/Tails of the City)




  • Meredith

    So cute! I love it. Taco costume is my favorite.

  • Sunny Campbell

    I love the doggy costumes in the window !!! I’m going to have to get the Treat Witch for my little Sophie !!! Thanks !!

  • Rachel S

    Omg! I love that Queen of Hearts! So cute!

  • Just sayin’

    I am assuming that punk zebras have mohawks but understandable mistake. After all, there was a whole 125 words to edit in this “article.”

  • Raya Ramsey

    Fixed, @Just sayin’.

  • Sara Cline

    I wasn’t planning on dressing up my little mutt, but I think I will now. That tie is precious!

  • Skeered Shipless

    This is precisely why dogs bite!