Halloween Hair at Salon Madrid

Be the best Neytiri of the bunch.

When it comes to Halloween, we spend ridiculous amounts of time on our costumes and our makeup. I think I speak for most when I say we get a little sloppy with the hair. (For example, I went as Marie Antoinette one year, and when I worked my up to the top of my head, I gave up, stuck a little pink bow in it, and hoped everyone would guess who I was by the outfit. I mean, I’m no hair stylist, you know?) The obvious answer is to wear a wig, but the majority of the wigs found around Halloween time are… well, gross. I’ve got a solution, though. Jason and Angel, owners of Salon Madrid and former film and TV hair crew in LA, are cooking up all kinds of fantastic hair decor this year. Yes, they’re wigs, but they’re fabulous. The Avatar piece, right, is just one of the dozens of options. Think Cruella de Vil, Cleopatra, geisha girls, and vampire locks. (Oh, and the gorgeous Marie Antoinette ‘do I should have been sporting is there, too.) “If someone can think it up, we can build it,” Jason says.

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