Sooooo… Some Candles Just Got Here

I just had a potent package delivered to my office. Normally, I wait to experience new products myself before blogging–in case they suck–but this box just smells so darn good, I can’t help myself. (It smells so good, in fact, a handful of people hovered around the reception area, waiting for me to open it.) On my desk (see left) I have Island Time Fragrances candles in Vanilla Hazelnut (delish!) and Notes of Jasmine, fragrance oils in Bamboo and and Simply Sandalwood, and a lamp ring. Oh, how I love lamp rings. Just drop oil in the ring, and place it over a bulb to scent an entire room. Candles are $15 a piece and oils are $13. Cheap! Plus, they’re made here in Dallas. I’m taking these home to see how they burn. Stay tuned.


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