Our Very Own “D Recommends” App

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. (Okay, maybe you haven’t been waiting, but it’s still exciting.) D Magazine now has an iPhone app! Woo hoo! Called “D Recommends,” the program suggests the best dining, nightlife, and events in your area. It’ll use your location to make recommendations (hence the name D Recommends) or give you a full list of what we editors think is great to eat, drink, and do in Dallas. Ever finished a day of shopping and need to find a spot to grab a bite? Use our app to see what’s great for munching near you. Ever feel motivated to keep on going after a lovely meal? Use our app to find out what’s going on after hours in your area. Check out the deets.

Ps. One day we’ll get shopping on there, too! One day…


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