Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing Says Yes to White After Labor Day

“Can you PLEASE explain some of the crazy what-you-can’t-wear rules that seem to flare up after Labor Day. Like, is it really against the rules to break out my white pants or pumps in September? I love white and this really restricts my wardrobe–especially in the early fall months! Help!” –Vallery

For this one we went to one of the expertiest experts on the matter, Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director.

“Before Easter, after Labor Day, the old rules no longer ring true. White is a 365 day-a-year proposal! Keep the fabrications appropriate to the season and you will always be chic.”

*Note: “Fabrications” are the key here. Think about your choice of cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc. If the material is season-friendly, you’ll likely be fine.

There you have it.

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