Ask Raya: The “Jeggings” Discussion

“Jeggings? What are your thoughts? –LAR”

Wellllll… I have a lot of thoughts on jeggings. For starters, I strongly dislike the term “jeggings.” I’m not a fan of combining two words for laziness’ sake. Past that, though, I think the look can work. But there’s a wrong way and a right way to wear them. Jump for the analysis.

“Jeggings” are made to resemble jeans, but they’re really in the leggings family. This is important, because a pair of “jeggings” is not an equal exchange for a pair of skinny jeans. They’re stretchy, skintight, and highlight every lump, bump, curve, etc., like leggings do. If you are proud of your hips and bootyliciousness, I admire you. Seriously. Carry on. But for those of you who’d rather keep some of your shapes to yourself, read below.

The good news is “jeggings” can be worn by almost everyone. The problems are caused by wearing a top that hits above the hips. I know it looks adorable on models in photos, but for normal wear, it won’t. Whitney Port, above, in her gray washed “jegggings” is a great example of this. She’s tiny and has long legs, but you can see they even look awkward on her. The knobby knee thing and pulling in the crotch is not so hot. Wear something looser that drapes below the hips, and you’ll likely be good to go. See examples below.

Moral of the story? Unless you need a microscope to find your hiney or can fit a hair-tie around your thigh, wear “jeggings” like you’d wear a pair of leggings, rather than a pair of jeans. Capish?


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  • deena k.

    i can’t stand “jeggings,” but i think covering the top part makes them look a whole lot better

  • Kansasgirl

    If only they were shiny too..oh wait, wrong decade

  • Chickadee

    Nice pointer! I want those ones Jessica Alba’s wearing…

  • Kristin

    I LOVE my jeggings and wear them all the time. (Raya can attest to this.) I even went back and bought them in grey and black. They are incredibly comfortable and look great especially with booties or tall boots. But like Raya said, you absolutely MUST wear them with a top that goes over your hips and butt or you’ll look trashy.

  • Kristin

    So Charlotte just asked me where I got my jeggings that I love so much and I told her I had blogged about them a few months back and she said I should post the link to here it is: