Look What We Found: Nude Dress at Accents

I spotted this dress at one of my favorite affordable boutiques, Accents, and instantly fell in love.  Finding a quality garment at such a great price point ($44) is rare. The accordion pleats, layers of ruffles on the bottom and trendy nude hue make it stand out among all the ho hum dresses out there. It can be worn to the bar or to a wedding, with neutrals or with colors, in winter or in summer. Its versatility is worth every cent. And speaking of cents, if you get over to Accents by 8:00 tonight you can take advantage of their “First Tuesday Sale” (which happens on the first Tuesday of every month) and get this gem for somewhere around $26. In fact, everything in the store is 40% off! Get going!


  • Ashton

    Dang, knew I should have gone there yesterday!

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe I missed this post!!! What a perfect dress! 🙁

  • Nino

    i actually went to accents and found the dress! they even had it in my size. I got this dress, 2 others, and a ring. Oops! didn’t mean to go on a mini spree. This store is amazing. thanks for the great find. The dress is still there but its not 40% anymore. 🙁 it’s def worth $44 though.