Look What I Found: Hip & Hippie Candles at Spa Habitat

I was introduced to a new favorite candle line last week at Spa Habitat. The spa’s boutique is full of great lines and products, but the eco-friendly candles from Hip & Hippie stole my heart. These delicious gems are all kinds of “green.” They’re made with soy wax and unbleached wicks and placed in a partially-recycled and recyclable glass jar. (The hipsters behind the brand suggest it be reused as a drinking glass when the candle’s out—not a bad idea). Plus, the final product is wrapped in seeded paper. Plant it and you’ll get some wildflowers out of it. I went immediately sniffing the biggest jars of the collection in Peppermint Pine, Lavender Lemon Verbena, Vanilla Bean Sweet Orange (pictured left), Rose Geranium, and more. I flipped one over, expecting a boutique-like price tag, but behold! Just $25 for the massive jar. Go grab them for yourself and your friends immediately.

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