It’s A Hard Knocks Life For A Peskatarian Hippie*

*not a sandwich sharing, global-warming tom’s stompin’, don’t taze me bro, operation rotten tomatoes HIPPIE… and yes, I’m talking to you Berkeley.

So I think we can all agree that Isabel Lucas epitomizes charity-hippie-chic (just made that one up) better than anyone! Here are a few new flexible rules to live by to be a little more charitable, a little more economically savvy, and a little more environmentally friendly:

1.  Strive to only wear vintage. It’s recyclable and promotes individuality.

2. Avoid mass produced labels. We don’t like sweatshops and it’s just bad fashion to wear what anyone else is wearing within a forty mile radius at least.

3. Use DIY as much as possible. It promotes creativity and saves money.

4. Do at least one social outreach every three months. You’ll be a better person for it:)

Peace & Love


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