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TrendTracker Dallas: Stripes

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Get this adorable dress at Accents in West Village for $39.
Get this dress at Accents in West Village for $39.

In case you haven’t noticed, stripes are everywhere right now. I’ve seen them on everything from shirts to shoes. They look especially summery paired with white, but take heed, always remember your body type when choosing a striped garment. Most have horizontal stripes (although I don’t know why, vertical stripes are soooo much more flattering as they lengthen the body and make us look thinner) so if you are bigger on top striped shirts are a no-no. They’ll make your breasts look like watermelons (unless that’s the look you’re going for…). If your bootie or hips are on the larger side stay away from horizontal striped dresses or long tops as they’ll just make you look wider. Diagonal stripes are also slimming so look for that as an alternative. And the more narrow the stripe the less “body-widening” it causes so keep that in mind too. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your chest, hips or butt, then horizontal is the way to go. Or, skip the clothes and just accessorize with stripes. Scarves, shoes and jewelry are  a great way to utilize a trend that just won’t work with your figure. But don’t fret, none of us are perfect. Every person can’t wear every trend. It doesn’t mean you are too plump or too thin or misshapen. It means you are human. No biggie. Like I said, just accessorize with a trend or skip it altogether and find one that plays up your assets. To that end, be sure to check back next Friday for another TrendTracker Dallas. Jump for more examples of striped pieces and where to get them locally.  

Long vest, Accents, $33
Skirt, American Apparel, $38
Romper, Nordstrom, $39
Top, Pitaya, $34
Dress, Bittano, $79
Shirt, Accents, $35