The Greatest Soda Machine Ever Lives at Pei Wei

And probably all kinds of places that I don’t know about yet. Have you seen one of these things yet? (Check it out left.) It’s a digital choose-any-kind-of-soda-you-can-think-of touchscreen machine. Yes, touchscreen. On the main screen, options include Coke, Diet Coke, Dasani, Flavored Dasani, Barqs, Minute Maid, diet Minute Maid, and even Fanta and diet Fanta (weird, but awesome). From there, you can select one to see which flavors are available. For example, in the diet Fanta menu, I filled my cup up with two of the options: raspberry and grape. It was like drinking a Pixie Stix: delicious and kind of gross. Next, I tried the Diet Coke menu. Behold! Lime! Vanilla! Orange! Cherry! Raspberry! Soda heaven. Is this like Groupon, and I’m the last to know again? Or is this is cool as I think it is. Jump to see the Diet Coke menu.


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