Salas’ Customized Airbrush Tan Will Give You the Perfect Glow

If you are a follower of ShopTalk then you’re aware of our trials and tribulations with sunless tanning. While I’ve found some great do-it-yourself products (do a search on the ShopTalk page for “tanning” and they’ll all come up), my quest for an an airbrush tan that didn’t make my pasty white skin look orange was an on-going saga. Until now. Salas Sunless Airbrush Tanning Studio is one of only three airbrush tanners in the country who offer customized color. They consider your skin tone, eye color and hair color before mixing up your ideal shade. Because my skin is so white I was skeptical, but I have to admit that I loved it! I asked several friends if it looked orange at all and every one of them said no. Also, I was relieved that it wasn’t too dark. They can adjust the darkness to your personal preference but the first time you never really know what you’ll get and mine was just perfect. One of the best things about Salas’ tanning solution is that it is 100% organic. Owner, Frank Salas, even told us that it’s drinkable – but I”ll pass on that and just take his word for it. The entire process took about 15 minutes and I was overjoyed to find that they dry you with warm air! What a novel idea! The spray was a little cold itself but really not too bad, and the best part of all is that it wasn’t sticky! As with just about anything healthy, Salas’ airbrush tan is more pricey than most others at $60 per treatment but for the perfect color, it’s worth it. However, if you buy a package of ten the price is only $350. That makes them $35 per tan! And unlike most package deals, you can split this one with a friend or give one (or more) away as a gift. They never expire either so if you don’t use them all this summer, you can save them for next year, or for that tropical winter vacation. My tan lasted about four days and then started to fade. By the seventh day it was pretty much gone. But that’s typical of most sunless tans. Although Salas is aaaaall the way in Colleyville, it’s definitely worth the drive. Definitely.


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