Leggiadro Clothing Boutique Sells Olive Oil. But, Why?

If you’ve been to Leggiadro in Highland Park Village and made it to the register, you probably noticed there are bottles of prettily labeled extra virgin olive oil. I had to know why. Wouldn’t you? Ann Ross, owner of the small chain explains via email:

first press olive oil  from fall 2008 from a farm 300 meters high above Florence. The farm was the orignal farm( summer residence) of the Medicci family 400 years ago. The higher the olive trees the purer the olive oil. Each one is numbered and has passed thru the agricultural inspection- Not available on the market- limited addition only sold to a few restaurants in italy. Brooks and I were introduced to the owner by one of our manufacturers(an expert who carts his can around italy when he travels) and we spent an afternoon at the farm learning about the art of growing  and pressing the purest olive oil. It is one of the best.

So, there you have it. Each bottle goes for $50.

*As it turns out, the olive oil is actually from the 2009-2010 season.


  • EVOO expert

    $50 for 2 year old olive oil is a bit of a rip off. EVOO should be considered a fresh juice and consumed within the current season.