First Tuesdays at Accents Mean Major Deals

Ever look in your closet, which is full of all kinds of stuff, and wonder why you can’t find anything to wear? Of course you do. So do I. This very morning I found myself thinking, “Why can’t I just find a darn summer dress to throw over my sunburned shoulders?” (Big apologies to all the aestheticians who have scared me into staying out of the sun most of the time.) Well, tonight is the perfect time to pick up a couple cheapy summer dresses to toss on before work or your Friday night out. Accents in West Village has its monthly first Tuesday event, which is celebrated by everything in store being sold for 40 percent off. Everything. Check it out tonight.

Ps. Got an aesthetician who scares you out of the sun, too? Vote for them for best facial in Dallas. (Question #2 on the list.)


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