Ever Been to Obzeet? You Should Go. Here’s Why.

Kristin and I went last week, and it’s awesome. Funky Obzeet. How do I begin to explain sweet Obzeet to you? It’s a restaurant and store-in-one, but it’s no Cracker Barrel. The eclectic gift shop is a knick-knack collector’s dream stop. Colorful crystal chandeliers greet you at the doorway next to hanging cloth lanterns and elephant figurines. Then start the Buddhas. This place is a Buddha statue Mecca. Fat Buddhas, skinny Buddhas, sitting Buddhas, praying Buddhas, they’re all hanging out here. Centuries-old dining sets, rustic wooden shelving, and vintage armoires made from the shutters of Indian castles are actually reasonably priced along with the outdoor chiminea selection, Egyptian deck chairs, and decorative fountains. The star of the shop, though, is obviously the Himalayan salt rock collection, to which an entire room is dedicated. I love the candle collection created for Obzeet by friends of the owners. (Those aren’t really Obzeet candles in the picture, though.) Get a whiff of “Buck Naked” and “Forest Violet.” Before you leave, don’t forget to grab a Tramezzino sandwich in the restaurant’s Tropical Garden patio. Choose an umbrella-shaded table next to the colorful fish pond and a waterfall. It’s a mini vacation in Dallas.


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