The Handmade Bash Reviewed: Ferrochie Studio

I couldn’t take my eyes off these pretty hanging things at the Handmade Bash. When I found out more about them from designer David Patton, who was manning his booth, I was even more fascinated. Fun fact: Ferrochie is pronounced “fair-oh-key.” (Reminds me of pierogi. Love those things.) Patton builds furniture, lighting, and home decor pieces with a dark European vibe. The ones I couldn’t get enough of were Patton’s door chimes, featured left, which he calls “Oberon’s Gateway.” Inspired by the story of the legendary king of fairies (yes, Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream), they’re made with real, vintage European garden keys. There is something so alluring and mysterious about an old key. And bunches of them, well, it just increases the fun.


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