Groupon. What is this place?

So, a friend sent me a link to this deal for Wink Threading Salon on Groupon. I love Wink. Now onto Groupon. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do. I must admit I’m a newbie to this, so I can’t explain all the details to you, but, basically, Groupon is a site that offers daily deals on local businesses. Former deals have included $149 for a $229 skydive in Dallas, $85 for $250 eyelash extensions at Lash Studio, and $45 for $125 worth of hair services at Dear Clark. Crazy, right? Please tell me I’m not the last person on Earth to find out about Groupon.


  • Margaret

    Yes, yes you are Raya. Do you want us to laug hat you now or later?

    Just kidding!

    Check out Dallas Deal also.

  • Janet

    You just might be the last person – there’s even an app for Groupon. I bought the Wink groupon today. What a great deal!

  • you totally might be last but be glad you finally found it 🙂

  • Raya Ramsey

    Okay, yes. As it turns out, my friends tell me, I am, in fact, the very last person on the planet to know about this. Sigh.

  • JB

    Groupon rocks. They are set up in various cities so I first heard about it from an out-of-towner. Other discount groups: Dallas A-List (from the Passport book folks) and Sieze the Deal. Happy shopping!