Peacock Plume Makes My Week Complete

As Raya mentioned earlier, we try to keep it local here on ShopTalk. But, I feel I would be neglecting my moral obligations as a fellow shopaholic if I didn’t share this fabulous new shopping website I stumbled upon yesterday. (Yes, while I was supposed to be working. But sometimes, as in this case, a little wandering on the web does a girl good.) It’s called Peacock Plume. As cute as the name suggests, the clothes are adorable, and it’s got everything from fun weekend wear to trendy work attire that can head straight to happy hour. And the accessories. Oh, the accessories. I’m in love with this gorgeous statement necklace that is only $28! I can’t even get a tank of gas for that. And that is perhaps the best part: I couldn’t find anything over $75. Apparel, accessories, shoes, belts… all at way reasonable prices. So do your closet – and your wallet – a favor and take a peek. You deserve it.