The Ritz-Carlton Spa has a “Reverse-Your-Wrinkles” Spa Night

Okay, so maybe there’s no such thing as completely reversing wrinkles–sans needles, I mean–but it won’t stop us from trying. Or from spas luring us in with that promise. But we love the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton (I miss you, Dean’s Margarita Salt Glow!) and so we’re up for any event they’re hosting. This one is priced at $25 for which you’ll receive a skin consultation, a 15-minute deep exfoliation and serum application with products from Skin Authority to target wrinkles, wine and cheese, and a $25 gift card to use toward a $50-or-more purchase in the spa’s boutique. One day I’ll buy the linens they use on the spa beds. They’re delicious. But back to the point. Reserve your place now because only 35 spots are available: 214-922-4820. Ritz-Carlton Spa. Wednesday, April 7. 5 pm to 7 pm.


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