Sensational Sunkissed Package at Luxury on Lovers

I love the term “sun kissed.” It’s so… cute. Imagine the sun giving you a little kiss and leaving you bronzed. Of course, out of fantasy land, the sun doesn’t leave kisses, it leaves melanoma. But that’s why we should head to Luxury of Lovers for their newest spring deal, the Sensational Sunkissed Package, which pairs a HydraFacial Express and an Intraceuticals airbrush tan. The facial is a 30-minute “cleansing, hydrating, and moisturerizing” treatment that Luxury compares to microdermabrasion, but less abrasive. The airbrush, is, well, you know… an airbrush tan. Separately, these treatments would cost around $150. Together, as a package you’ll pay $103. That’s a deal. Make your appointment now.


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